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Crashbar Comfort Line - 2nd choice

14 11 0120 BS
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Ø 25 mm

Yamaha XV 750 Virago from 1984 till 1999
Yamaha XV 1100 Virago from 1984 till 1999
Category Description

In this category there are products which are slightly damaged during the production process. These products are new, but could no longer be offered as 1st choice to small scratches or small chrome imperfections. We're talking about a small scratch and not deep grooves; we do not sell products which are not presentable. These products will be supplied with mounting material and construction drawing and fits 100%.
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  • We make no additional photos from the damage because they vary from product.
  • The products can not be returned.
  • You are able to see the product at our location, by appointment only.