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Passenger footpeg lowering sets

EMP has found the solution for your passengers comfort: the footpeg lowering set. The lowering sets are manufactured for the motorcycle brands Harley, Honda, Guzzi, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph and Yamaha. For each brand a universal footpeg lowering set has been developed which fits on almost every type of the particular brand of motorcycle. The light, but sturdy supports have been made from extruded aluminium and have been finished with a high-quality chrome layer or black powdercoat. The footpeg lowering sets not only make your passengers more comfortable (90 up to 130 mm. Lower), but they look attractive too. In short, the EMP footpeg lowering sets are a real asset to your custom bike. The lowering sets can be mounted on the original frame mounting points and the original footpegs can be transferred. For some types of footrest extensions, extra broader sets are required to bridge a certain distance. These are included in the kit as standard. All models of footrest extensions of EMP fit on engines with an original exhaust.

Painful knees, cramp or numb feet?

Many passengers experience painful knees, cramps or numb feet after a long journey. To relax as a passenger, a lowering support of a few centimeters do not solve these problems, which some people might think. For good results, it is important to place your feet down and out as far as possible. With an EMP footrest extension set, you can quickly go 90 to 130 mm with your feet down and out, depending in part on the angle at which your original supports are placed. But one thing is certain, after mounting an EMP footpeg lowering set, your passenger will be more comfortable and relaxed on the bike.