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Return freigt


Do you have any complaints about the delivered product or have you received a different item than you ordered? Complaints must be reported within 2 working days after receipt of the goods.


Didn't receive the desired product? The following conditions apply to the return of goods.

  • Returns only in consultation with EMP Motorparts. Your return will not be processed without consultation.
  • A return must be registered within 14 days of receipt of the goods.
  • Please use the original product packaging for your return.
  • Returns are only possible if products are undamaged and show no traces of use .

You can register a return shipment by sending us an email containing the order number, the relevant item number and the quantity. Please also indicate the reason for returning in advance.

After receiving and checking your return shipment, you will receive a credit invoice from us.


If the goods have not been delivered correctly by EMP Motorparts, you will receive a full refund. In other cases the following costs will be charged.

  • The shipping costs for returns are borne by the customer. If you have not paid shipping costs for your order, the shipping costs incurred by us will also be charged.
  • Depending on the type of product, we charge a minimum of €7.5 return costs. These are the costs we incur for checking for damage or signs of wear, repackaging and crediting the products.
  • Would you like to exchange a product? The standard returns procedure then applies and we request that you place a new order. If you place this order within 5 working days after registering the return, we will not charge you return costs.