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Crash bars

Crash bars reduce damage to your valuable motorcycle in the event of an accident. That is why EMP has developed crash bars for many types of motorcycles. The models vary from cross, tour and classic with a diameter up to Ø 35 mm. For every motorcycle we supply several models, different shapes with diameters from Ø 16 mm up to Ø 35 mm x 2 mm wall thickness. The engine guards are confirming such that they follow the contours of your engine. This results into a beautiful finish with no long brackets and evil looking supports in view. The high-quality chromed crash bars are first provided with a copper layer and then with a chrome layer. The black crash bars are provided with a cathodic (KTL- Kathodische Tauch Lackierung) dip pre-treatment and PVC powder-coated. This KTL treatment extended the life of the crash bar. EMP crash bars are familiar about them tough appearance, finishing touch and excellent fit.

  • The crash bars are supplied complete with mounting kit and construction drawing.
  • Please enquire about the many models and options like custom made.