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Sissy bar de Luxe VKT


The EMP De luxe VKT Sissy bars are a real asset to your motorcycle. They make riding even more comfortable for the rider and passenger. With their excellent fit and enclosed mounting instructions the Sissy bars can be mounted in no time without any alterations to the frame. It is also possible to fit a luggage carrier or an ornamental cover plates (8 models are optional) afterwards. There are 3 different types of pillow (cushion) available.But they are coming up with un standard pillow (12 20 4500). The Sissy bars are available for many types/models of prominent motorbrands. They are shipped completely packaged. All EMP Sissy bars are produced by nice full massive steel 20 x 8 mm. with nice round edges.

- Lugage carrier and chrome coverplates are un option (look at Sissy bar accessories)
- Important !!Don't forget to indicate the desired pillow model.
- Sissy bar will be coming up with un standard VKT pillow (12 20 4500)