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Mobile Chopperlift

Mobile Chopperlift
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Product details Fit to frames with un width up to 340 mm.
Product Description As the ground clearance for choppers is usually limited and they don't have a centre stand it is not possible to raise them. There are also limits for manoeuvring in tight spaces. However, we have succeeded in producing a lift with which enables this: the EMP Mobile Chopper Lift. With one single hinge movement the motorbike can be raised effortlessly (suitable for motorbikes to 400 kg. ) and moved in all directions. The 4 twin castors (two of which braked) are responsible for this effortless movement. Both width (centre-to-centre distance up to 340 mm) and height are adjustable. To prevent damage to the frame the supports have been fitted with rubber caps. The lift has been galvanised and is supplied complete and compactly packaged.