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Mobile Big Chopperlift Professinal

SKU: 10 05 2250
234,00 €
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With bearings.

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With the introduction of the Mobile Big Chopper Lift Professinal it has become possible to raise the entire motorbike with one single motion (suitable for motors up to 350 kg). Both width and height are adjustable so the lift can be used for almost all motorbikes. The supports are fitted with rubber caps to prevent damage to the frame. A locking pin ensures safety; the lift stays in the same position during repairs or transport. All the hinge-points are foresee with bearings. Because of this, there is no wear in the hinge-points. The 4 extra large twin castor wheels (two of are braked) ensure that the motorbike can be moved lightly and effortlessly in all directions. The front or rear of the motorbike can also be raised independently by removing the front or rear supports.