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Luggage carrier de Luxe (high modell)

12 01 3022
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71,80 €
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The carrier fits all models EMP sissy bars, luggage carrier sets and handgrip bar sets with the exception of sissy bar Basic and Basic Plus.

High modell carrier (37 mm higher).

To use for motor bikes with an high placed licence plate or rear light.

Fits among others on the following models.

Product Description This attractive high universal luggage carrier fits all EMP Sissy bar de luxe & VKT and Luxe Low models motorcycle.
It increases the luggage storage space of your motorcycle. With the help of the construction drawing the luggage carrier can be mounted within minutes.
- Attention!!! This concerns the luggage carrier mounted on the back of the Sissy bar de Luxe
- Demension (L X B): 220 x 240 mm.
- The Sissy bar should be ordered separately.